Johanna has studied Classical Composition for Rolf Martinsson at the Music Academy in Malmö, a 3 year Bachelor Programme at Lund University, Sweden. When Johanna was 17 she initiated a mentorship with Jan Lundgren, one of Swedens top Jazz Pianists and senior lecturer at the Music Academy in Malmö. Since then she has worked in all music genres and in many different live music settings. Johanna has composed music for many great live events such as Lund Kårer's 150th anniversary at the University's 350th anniversary in 2017. She also wrote the Lund Carnival's official overture in 2018.

 In addition to reoccurring collaborations with the Academy's Orchestra, Johanna has worked with Malmö Sinfonietta, Jönköping Sinfonietta and Stockholm's Wind Orchestra, Swedish Wind. She has also led choirs and bands by Lund Universitys as bandmaster/conductor, and cooperated with jazz musicians such as Anna-Pauline Andersson and Mattias Nilsson, jazz pianist. Since her graduation from the Music Academy in Malmö in 2018, Johanna has broadened her digital work through collaborations with various artists and by joining several competitions. In 2019 she released her first songs on spotify in Electronic genre.

In august of 2021 Johanna began studying Virtual Composition and Sound Design at Östra Grevie Folkhögskola for Johan Holmström. At Östra Grevie Johanna collaborated with students at The Game Assembly as audio director on two larger student game projects. She also had two longer internships. One at Red Pipe Studios, led by Fredrik Lantz, completely focusing on audio and sound design, aAnd one at Rebound Sound Company, led by Jon Persson. At Rebound Sound she made the original music for Epic Games Fortnite Demo Presentation at GDC 2023, and for a Marvel Promotion Trailer for Urban Fitness "Symbiont", directed by Gianluigi Carella. Symbiont was shown at The Antman and the Wasp Premiere in Milano. She also assisted Jon in creating the Sound Design for Destiny 2 Lightfall cutscenes and gameplay.

In 2021 Johanna initiated a second mentorship with American Composer Jocelyn Hagen and in september of 2022 Johanna published her very first written music score on Graphite Publishing. Throughout the years Johanna has received several awards and recognitions, such as Lund’s Annual Cultural Scholarship (2021) and as winner of the Spitfire Audio’s composer competition #12ScoresOfChristmas (2021).

Johanna Rebecca Malmberg

J. R. Malmberg

J. R. Malmberg

(Born 1994) is an award winning Swedish composer, arranger and sound designer. She works with music in all genres and she specializes in classics and electronics. In addition to writing scores and working with live musicians, she has a deeper knowledge of how to produce, record and mix. No matter what genre, people describe Johanna's music as "Moving", "Soundful" and "Cinematic".

The Studio

Working with Viritual Studio Technology (VSTs)

"Working in a virtual sound library is a great option if you want new orchestral music for your business, project or event. Because the standard of the recordings are so great, this method has become one of the most frequently used when creating film-, commercial- and game soundtracks today. I can offer time-efficient quality orchestral music with my prestigious sound libraries, such as the Metropolis Ark-series and BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro . They are virtual sound libraries filled with all the sounds of the real orchestra. And with these recordings you're truly able to feel what it's like to work with an actual orchestra without having to hire one" - Johanna Malmberg

Awards and Recognitions

2021. Winner of Spitfire Audio's Christmas Competition, #12Scoresof Christmas

Out of 600 entries, my composition 'A Fast Ride in Santa's Sleigh' became 1 of 12 winning songs in Spitfire Audio's christmas competition #12ScoresOfChristmas

2021. Semi-finalist at the Music Cosmos Composer Competition (Till Amazonas)

Out of 557 entries, my composition 'Till Amazonas' made it to the semi-finals (top 24) in the second Music Cosmos Composer Competition (2021).

2021. Awarded Lund's Cultural Scholarship

Scholarship holder for Lund's Cultural Scholarship 2021,

2021. Semi-finalist at the Music Cosmos Composer Competition (Life Forms)

Out of 500+ contestants my composition 'Life Forms' made it to the short list of 55 semi-finalists in the first edition of the Music Cosmos Composer Competition (2021).

2019. Best "Fun and Passion" at Filmstaden Lund

"Johanna Malmberg loves life and makes every minute a wonderful moment for both our guests and all colleagues. With her positive attitude and helpfulness, she has room for everyone in her heart. Always exuberantly happy that makes everything turn into sunshine. She likes to keep the baton both when it comes to the live orchestra and make everyday life a party. The joy spreader number 1".

2019. Written about in 'Hallå' Lund/Sydsvenskan

I was interviewed for a writing on me and my work in general as a composer in 'Hallå' Lund/Sydsvenskan.

2019. Written about at 'Hallå' Malmö

Written about in the paper 'Hallå' on the occation of Stahlhammerkvartettens performance on my piece First Steps at Palladium Malmö 2019.

2019. "Kung över Boel"

Awarded the title "King of Boel" for particularly good work and spirit as a band conductor at Boelspexarna, Lund University (2018-2019). 

2018. Winner of Lund Carnival's Ouvertyr Competition

Winner of the Lund Carnival's Overture Competition 2018. The winning piece was performed at Sparbanken Skåne Arena in Lund, Sweden for ~3.500 people.

2017. Awarded The Royal Academy of Music's Local Scholarship

Scholarship holder for the Royal Academy of Music's Local Scholarships 2017.

2017. Recognized in Sydsvenskan

My composition for organ, The Human, gets mentioned by one of Sydsvenskans reviewers on the occasion of Lund Contemporary Music Festival 2017.

2016. Publiced on Anna-Paulines Official Facebook Page

My composition The Old Man Who Turned Ten was performed by Anna-Pauline Andersson and Mattias Nilsson at the Ystad Theatre. The video from that performance can now be found at Anna-Paulines official webbpage.

Johanna Malmberg has a private business with approved Swedish FA-tax since 2016

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